7 Times the Charm?-Part 2


Not one to patiently wait as something like a bad haircut and colour grows out, I decided that if my hair was going to be this short then I was going to go bold and blonde and go for a Marilyn inspired hairdo. However, I had just spent a small fortune getting a haircut that made me want to cry and was apprehensive of hairdressers, so I thought that I would just go to the local drugstore, get some blonde hair colour and go home and fix it myself.

When I was finished the change was not dramatic enough. Like a stubborn bulldog I just couldn’t let it go and ran back to the drugstore and picked up a more extreme shade. Unfortunately, after the second time I felt more like Frenchie from Grease when she goes to the dance than Marilyn. Only one thing to do……..


Yes….I couldn’t stop and went out and bought even more hair colour. And all weekend I kept going. I hadn’t put hair colour on my hair for two years and suddenly in one weekend I was doing it over and over again. Near the end I began feeling like an elf from Lord of the Rings. That might not have been too bad but there was a brassiness I just couldn’t get rid of-so basically I felt like a white trash elf.


By Monday morning after colouring my hair a total of six times and spending more money than I would ever honestly own up to, I decided enough was enough and called a different salon in my area. I told them almost all about my weekend hair drama and asked if they thought they could help. They were able to fit me in that morning and I pulled my poor damaged hair up in a sad, tiny bun and donned some oversize sunglasses.

Well-I am happy to report that the seventh time seems to have been the charm. Thanks to the kind, young stylist I am looking a little more Marilyn. While it wasn’t my original desire I guess for now I will have to embrace the look.

So what have I learned?

-When going to a new hairstylist for the first time, go in for something little to see how that works out.

-I knew what I wanted and should have been more assertive with the first hairdresser.

-When I was unhappy with my original haircolour and cut I should have spoken up. Yes-it would have been uncomfortable and awkward but probably better than how I felt all weekend. It would have also been better than driving my husband crazy all weekend. To his credit, he was patient and supportive the first two days, but eventually he had enough of my moping and inevitably we started fighting. It wasn’t fair of me to take it out on him, yet the hairdresser who did it remained clueless to how I felt. Perhaps if I had told her she would have even done something to fix it saving me the $$$ I later spent various places.

-Don’t try to fix it yourself.

-Life happens. Things don’t always turn out how you want, try to make the best of things. I had planned on having shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlghts, instead I have short platinum blonde hair. Really, there are bigger problems a woman can have. Hair does grow back and I have heard blondes have more fun…..I’ll have to keep you posted on that 🙂


3 thoughts on “7 Times the Charm?-Part 2

  1. Sounds all too familiar! I did the opposite couple years ago. I colored my hair almost black! I loved it for about a week then wanted to change it back…not so easy going from black to blonde….hair color after color…orange to yellow to I just don’t know blonde lol When I finally reached blonde again my boyfriend at the time said it would have been easier and cheaper to go to salon..but that he dated a brunette, red, brown and blonde in one day…lol.in my mind it was cheaper to do on my own….what was I thinking?
    I am sure you look beautiful and glamorous as always 🙂 You can rock any look!

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