The Blues


Every woman needs some coping mechanisms for when the blues hit, someone hurts or disappoints us or we’re just feeling plain old lousy. Generally I’m happy and easy-going but I’m not immune to feeling down and wanted to share some of the things that help me when I’m feeling angry, sad, or depressed in case there others who are going through a bad time.

-Musicals-whether it’s Moulin Rouge, Evita, Chicago, Rocky Horror Picture, Grease or Across the Universe, there is nothing like a good musical to help me temporarily forget my troubles.

-Writing-sometimes it’s good to channel all the emotion into a piece of writing whether it’s a piece of fiction, some poetry, or a letter to the person who hurt you (although I don’t recommend sending it)

-A good long walk in the woods or on a nature trail

-Re-read one of your favourite books-for me reading Ayn Rand empowers me to take control of the situation, Bret Easton Ellis soothes me (in some twisted way), Chuck Palahnuik’s characters cheer me up, and children’s classics such as Little House on the Prairie, A Secret Garden, and A Little Princess give me hope. Perhaps a strange combination- but whatever it takes to get you to the other side.

-Have your own private slumber party-paint your toenails red, condition your hair with mayonnaise, put a mud mask on your face. Then watch a chick flick, eat popcorn and some Ben and Jerry’s right from the carton.

-Spend time with an animal, they are famous for unconditional love and acceptance.

-Imagine all the ‘Plan B’s’-I grew up believing nothing  was ever a sure thing and you couldn’t bank on anything or hardly anyone. While I have a husband I adore and a life that I am happy with, I still need to have several ‘Plan B’s’ in the back of my mind to feel safe and secure. A few of my Plan B’s include running away to France to write and hang out at cafes, volunteering at an orphanage in a developing country, or driving across North America and living out of a tent,

-And finally, sometimes you just need to cry it out, shout, throw things and release all that emotion. That’s okay. Just have a cozy blanket, your favourite warm drink and some soothing music nearby  for when you’re done.

If you’re having a bad day today know that you’re not alone. It happens to all of us. And it’s okay. Take care of yourself and find little ways to get you through the blues.


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