My Little Secret-Part 1


This is a blog about celebrating and being happy with where I am in my life. It is also meant to show others that 40 is just a number and life can be rich, vibrant, exciting and passionate at any age. In my first post I said I don’t want to be 18 again- and I don’t.  I have said at this stage in life I am happy and enjoying the journey-and I am. I have also said I am confident and comfortable in my own skin-and I am…… certain extent….

A while ago a friend suggested that I put up a photo to help readers connect with me. I brushed off that comment with an, ‘I will sometime, when I get around to it.’ But getting around to it is not the real reason I have not put up a photo of myself.

And there you have it-

My little secret that I try so hard to hide-while I am a strong, confident, independent woman-I also struggle with body image issues. In fact I almost always have. Sometimes I just don’t like what I see in the mirror (or even worse photographs). These issues probably have a variety of causes but I’ll save some of that for another day.

As a mother of two daughters I always felt the need to bury this part of myself so I did not pass these ideas on to them. But they are now grown women. As I look at what I need to do for myself to live my best life, I know that I have to deal with this aspect of myself and how I allow it to control areas of my life

I also thought that I owed this honesty to my dedicated followers and the readers of this blog. It would be dishonest of me to let anyone believe I don’t have issues that I struggle with and that my life is perfect (it’s always a work in progress). Finally, I wanted to open the lines of communication about this issue. There are girls and women from 9-99 who struggle with feeling too fat, too skinny, too ugly, too old and like they somehow don’t measure up (I’m sure males are not immune to these feelings either). So if you find yourself with these struggles please know that you’re not alone… be contd.


One thought on “My Little Secret-Part 1

  1. I have all those same feelings at times–kind of wonder if everyone does or if some females are fully comfortable in their skin all the time….hmmm would that be a good thing or not??

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