It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. Thanksgiving has always been my favourite holiday. It does not have all the hype, expectations and commitments of Christmas. Thanksgiving is a simple holiday with good food, the opportunity to relax with family, and time to enjoy Canada’s natural beauty . For me Thanksgiving has also meant time for quiet reflection. I ponder where I am in life, where I want to be and all that I have to be thankful for.

One tool that I have used in my life for many years is the Gratitude Journal. I first learned of this while reading Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book Simple Abundance in the mid 90s.

In a pretty journal at the end of each day simply write down 5 things that you are grateful for. If it’s a particularly bad day you might be grateful that the day is finally over.

I have kept a Gratitude Journal on and off for over a decade. Sometimes I fall out of the habit-but that’s okay. I eventually return and pick up where I left off. It is always fun to go back and read entries from previous years. Just reading what you were grateful for takes you back and fills you with memories.

This Thanksgiving my journal would read-

I am thankful

1- for recipes handed down through the generations.

2-that I didn’t have to make the pumpkin pie-thank you Deanna.

3-that while my oldest daughter can’t be here with us, after a lengthy immigration process she is finally starting a new chapter in her life with her new husband in the U.S.

4-that although I have been sick for over two weeks I am usually healthy. It’s easy to take good health for granted. Being sick has reminded me how valuable good health is.

5-for my husband who is also my best friend. We’re just hanging out-he’s watching football, I’m prepping the turkey in my pajamas and there is a quiet contentment and camaraderie in the air.




2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Thanks for liking my post on Gratitude.
    I am thankful for bloggers like you and that I can read so many interesting thoughts, ideas and perspectives. Happy Thanksgiving!

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