My First Oil Change


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”-Lao Tzu

This summer at the age of 40 I finally got my driver’s license.  Within two weeks of getting my license, I decided that I might like a hot rod-but not just any hot rod. I wanted a hot-rod that I built myself under the guidance of my car-guy husband. The thing is, I am not the most mechanically inclined and certainly don’t know my way around a car.

Yet I am learning that it is the things we don’t do, the things we put off for another time (then never get around to), and the risks we don’t take that we regret the most in life. “If only I had……..” is something I sometimes say to myself.

I have realistic expectations and don’t expect to build a hot-rod overnight, so today I took my very first step. I performed my first oil change. I admit, it was a little messy and I was a little awkward-but I did it! And afterwards my husband taught me how to change tires so I could put snow tires on my little car.

The feeling of satisfaction when you conquer something you never dreamed you could do is amazing.

It’s never too late to try something new. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of doing things because we think we have to go big or not at all, but this week just start with the first step.


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