Be the Change



This week’s weekend quote was inspired by a sociology course on social movements I have just completed.

In some ways, I am one of the worst kind of people-I know better but I don’t always do better. I know about the injustice, exploitation and abuses that go on in this world, but in my comfortable little life I don’t always do what I can to create the change I want to see.

The sociology course has challenged me to step up, be the change I want to see and live with integrity. I know I can’t be perfect all the time, but I sure can do a lot more than I am doing now.

One way I will start is with a new blog I created called Change, to share issues and stories I come across that I believe matter. It is my hope that by sharing these stories and offering readers ways to help with the issues each one  of us has the opportunity to create the world we want to see.



One thought on “Be the Change

  1. Thanks so much for your blogs and for “Liking” my post, Saudi Women’s Driving Campaign meets “When Everything Changed,” on Curated Research and Commentary. Looking forward to tracking your writings here and on related blogs.

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