Fitness Month



This past autumn I decided that once and for all I was going to deal with body image issues I’ve had since I was a young teen. This has meant working on my mind and spirit but also working on my body. I made a commitment to physical fitness and clean eating-no excuses.

Well-somewhere along the way I got a little addicted to the gym. I absolutely love it. I never would have imagined that getting up at 3:30am and hitting the gym by 4:15 would be something I looked forward to. But there you have it… is one of my favourite times of day.

And because I feel so good and so healthy I really want to share this feeling with others. Therefore I have decided that for the month of April all my blog posts will be about physical fitness, healthy living, and motivation. Even my Friday Jukebox will be songs that get me going at the gym.

I know that there may be some of you out there wanting to get in better shape or perhaps knowing deep down you need to finally get fit, but lack the motivation. Well make this your moment. Start slow if you must, but start. And I promise you if you take that leap it won’t be long before you’re feeling healthier and happier.

Bathing suit season is only 12 weeks away. Do you want to feel confident, cheerful and at peace with your body on the beach? Or would you rather feel insecure and uncomfortable this summer? Maybe you would even avoid the beach. If you’re uncomfortable in  your own skin, now is the time to start fresh and make a change. Join me for a healthy, fun fitness April.


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