Vegan Protein Powder



I thought everything was going great with my workouts, cardio-good, strength training-good, yoga-awesome, when for the hundredth time my husband said, “If you’re going to workout like this, you seriously need to start taking a protein supplement”. “Fine,” I said and put out my hand for him to pass me his shaker cup filled with Isoflex strawberry flavoured protein powder.

We have very different approaches to eating. He eats whatever he wants whenever he wants and never gains weight.  I’m an aspiring vegan and have to try to make sure I don’t indulge my sweet-tooth too often or it shows up on my belly. I believe in eating fresh ingredients that come from the ground as much as possible. He on the other hand cares only for taste and likes to add various supplements into his daily diet. But, I have to admit that I did enjoy the taste of his protein powder and the way it made me feel after a hard workout.

Protein powder feeds your muscles and contributes to repairing and building your muscles. You’ll have improved strength and endurance. It also helps with recovery-relieving sore muscles and recharging your energy levels.

Most days I try to eat light to heavy. My mornings consist of fruits, followed by vegetables, then grains. If I am going to have any eggs, dairy or meat I do so in the evening. Therefore, I found the whey protein a little too heavy for me first thing in the morning, so I set out to find a vegan alternative.

It wasn’t easy-some of them actually tasted like dirt. I admit I wasted a bit of money on my search. Finally, I stumbled upon berry flavoured VegaSport developed by vegan Ironman triathlete Brendan Brazier. VegaSport contains less than 1 gram of fat and 25 grams of protein. Made with all natural plant based ingredients it is perfect choice for someone like me who wants more plants in their diet. Made without dairy, soy, gluten or added sugar VegaSport is great for those who have food allergies. Unfortunately because it is all natural it doesn’t turn a pretty pink like my husband’s protein powder, but more importantly it tastes great, aligns with my values, and is a healthy way to reward my body post-workout.




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