Elizabeth Lauten, Family Drama, The Holidays…….and maybe I’m getting old




The holidays are officially upon us. For many families that means lots of family drama. If you think your family is the only one full of craziness and drama…..trust me it isn’t, and realizing that will help save your own sanity. Most families I know have at least one strange, irresponsible, stupid, unbalanced, or annoying relative. And that’s okay. Unfortunately, some of us have family members that cross the line into mean and malicious.

Speaking of mean…….Today, I was absolutely shocked by the story of Elizabeth Lauten and her negative public comments about Sasha and Malia Obama. No doubt, she did not intend to set off a media firestorm, but she did. I think part of the reason is because what she did encompasses so many things that average folks find wrong with society.

Elizabeth Lauten’s actions were an example of cyberbullying. As most people with children or teens in their lives know, bullying and cyberbullying are sad realities that many young people have to deal with. For a grown woman who is supposed to be a professional to engage in an act of cyberbullying against teenage girls, it is reprehensible.

Later reports say that Elizabeth Lauten made less than perfect choices herself as a teenager. The judgmental attitude this woman has shown to the first daughters coupled with her hypocrisy just doesn’t sit well with the public.

Furthermore-Are we still talking about the way girls and women dress? Seriously? Yes the girls were wearing short skirts. So what? Elizabeth Lauten seems to believe this makes them ‘classless’. This is 2014, my mother AND my grandmother were wearing short skirts in the 1970s. My mum is as sweet and wholesome as apple pie, and my grandmother was the classiest most elegant lady I’ve ever met. Can’t we get beyond focusing on such shallow things as the length of a girl’s skirt?

Finally, her snarky and cruel comments made towards two young ladies also show a partisanship that most people have long ago grown weary of. Honestly, politicians of the world listen up-we just want good, honest, decent people who will work hard representing us. All the outrageous behavior just annoys the public. We want you all to act like civilized, intelligent ladies and gentlemen.

But it seems more and more people from the politicians who represent us, to our neighbour, or the grumpy driver in the mall parking lot, people don’t value acting polite, kind, decent……

And so I wonder-is this a sign I’m getting old? If I have said ‘what the heck is wrong with people these days?’ once in the past few days, I ‘ve said it a dozen times.

So, the holidays are upon us-family members might annoy us, we can’t go out shopping or turn on the TV without seeing people behaving badly…….but I’m not okay with that.

Therefore, this month I am going to work at being the change I want to see. A little more thoughtfulness and a little more kindness….these are my goals for this holiday season.





3 thoughts on “Elizabeth Lauten, Family Drama, The Holidays…….and maybe I’m getting old

  1. I agree with you completely. The Obama girls are teenagers, they will do what other teenage girls do, even if their father is the President. It’s one thing to verbally attack the President’s policies, it’s another thing entirely to verbally attack his underage children.

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