Amnesty International-Write for Rights



One of my December traditions is Amnesty International’s Write for Rights. To celebrate International Human Rights’ Day on December 10, Amnesty International organizes a large letter writing campaign to appeal to governments on behalf of individuals and groups whose human rights have been violated or are in jeopardy.

What I love about Write for Rights

-It’s simple-write a quick letter or email, short and sweet is all these letters need to be, Amnesty does help with letter writing tips

-It’s an inexpensive activity-when we had financial struggles I loved that for the cost of stamps this was an activity my daughters and I could do to make a difference, today with email many of the letters can be sent for free

-It’s effective-last year over 2 million actions were taken. Yorm Bopha a woman who was jailed for protesting forced evictions in Cambodia was released after 253 00 letters were sent to her government.

Yorm Bopha


Birtukan Mideksa was imprisoned or almost two years in Ethiopia for exercising her freedom of expression. After receiving letters of support from around the world she was released. She said “Your letters kept hope alive at the darkest hours of need “.



Many of the people express feelings of appreciation, knowing that people throughout the world care helps them though their ordeal. It gives them hope, and isn’t that what the holiday season is about.

Finally, Write for Rights is a good way to spend a cold wintry afternoon. With a wooly blanket, a fire in the fireplace, a mug of hot chocolate and a box of greeting cards it makes for a peaceful December afternoon.

For more information about this years cases check out

In Canada

U.S.A  http://writeforrights.amnesty.or



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