A Reflection on Customer Service



I am absolutely the type to write politicians and ‘give them a talking to’. If I go somewhere and receive bad service I will write a letter, send an email or give a quick call to let a business know that I had an unpleasant experience.

I live in an area of the country that is currently booming. This means that some jobs in the service industry and retail go unfilled. With the shortage of workers and an influx of people to the area this means that often there are long waits and not the service you might get other places.

Last week I went to get a new cell phone. Although there were only two women working, one who was brand new to the job, and a long line up, I got exceptional service. Both women were extremely professional, attentive and striving to satisfy each customer. It got me to thinking-I often call or write to bitch and complain, but I don’t nearly as often call or write to let companies know when someone is doing a great job. I have to wonder, is that the way we all are? Do bosses only hear the complaints and rarely the praises of their employees

In keeping with my goal for the season I decided to call and let the manager know what a wonderful job the two women were doing the night I was in. It’s just a little thing, it only took a couple of minutes, but maybe it matters. With the hectic Christmas season in full swing I imagine many people are feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unappreciated at work. Maybe a simple ‘Thank you very much. You are doing a great job’ is all that is needed to make the season merrier for all.


4 thoughts on “A Reflection on Customer Service

  1. I am big on customer service as I have worked in some field of customer service most of my adult life. Sunday, I wrote an email to Whole Foods to let them know about the unsatisfactory experience I had (often, sadly) at one of their stores. I did balance it out with praise for one of their employees who attempted to make up for the rudeness of her coworker. Surprisingly, Whole Foods has not responded. I choose to spend my money where the service is consistently good. Lately, it has been at Hook Burger, Veggie Grill, and Blaze Pizza. Whomever is in charge of hiring at these stores and has the insight that it is the customer experience, not just good food, that keeps people coming back-should be congratulated!

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