How I Beat My Coke Addiction



Just to be clear….. when I say coke…….I mean this….




Not this…..


Rocco Giamatteo


But I was seriously addicted Coca-Cola for several years. There was just something about all that sugar, caffeine, fizzy bubbles on the back of my throat, and who knows what else that had me hooked. I could never have just one. I would try, I would seriously try……but 1 would quickly turn into 6. Not that unlike  those addicted to drugs or alcohol.

There is no debate. There is nothing healthy about pop. It is just a whole lot of empty calories. A can of coke has 140 calories, all from sugar.

Finally, this past spring I decided that with all the hard work I put in at the gym I really needed to do something about my addiction to Coca-Cola. I was just sabotaging all my efforts at the gym every time I opened up a can.

I am not even sure where, but I discovered coconut water. I buy it in a can and it gives me the same sensation as opening a can of pop. I can take it anywhere and be prepared before temptation strikes. And best of all I love the taste

Now a word of caution-there are many brands of coconut water on the market and many have added sugar, lots of it. Some have the same amount of sugars as your favourite pops. To me there is just no point in drinking them.

My favourite brand of coconut water is Blue Monkey. It is 100% natural coconut water with no added sugars or preservatives. You can buy it with pulp or without pulp. I prefer pulp, but others find that weird. Coconut pulp is more like little chunks of coconut as opposed to the pulp we get in orange juice.

Blue Monkey makes their coconut water from sustainably sourced coconuts. It is obviously a vegan drink and contains potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. One serving contains only 64 calories.

I find coconut water tasty and hydrating. I tend to drink about 2 servings a day, or 128 calories, as opposed to drinking 3-6 cans of Coke a day or 420-840 calories.

Approximately once every month or two I still find myself having a pop when eating out at a restaurant. However, because of my addiction to Coke I make sure that when I do have a pop I choose something else such as root beer or cream soda.

Coconut water has been a small but important change that I have made. It has been an easy change and without all that pop and sugar I do feel a lot lighter and a lot less bloated.


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