Consider for a Moment that Exercise Might be the Miracle You are Looking For



With exams coming up and writing deadlines fast approaching my plan for this morning was to get up, hit the books and spend my day reading and writing. However, I woke up this morning my body full of aches and pains.

I am a little obsessed with the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I watch the thing over and over. During the holidays I made lots of family favourites and indulged in lots of sweets, so I had decided that I was in need of a reboot, or juice cleanse/detox. Being a sugar junkie and caffeine junkie I knew I needed to take some time to get them out of my system and flood my body with nourishing foods. And I won’t lie, dropping some of those unwanted holiday pounds was a motivator. I am currently on Day 4. Since I never have aches and pains I must attribute my sore body to the reboot.

I easily could have popped a bunch of Advil and gone about my day. Perhaps, used my sore body as an excuse to be lazy and not do as much work as I knew I needed to do. Instead, I decided to fit in a workout. Those who follow this blog know that I love working out and it is just part of my lifestyle. But honestly, it wasn’t easy today. I didn’t want to work out. However, I told myself that I just needed to do a little bit, 30 minutes and then I could quit. A funny thing happened though, as I started working out, my body started feeling better. With each passing exercise not only was I feeling better physically, I was also feeling better mentally. The 30 minutes passed in a flash and I worked out far longer than I had planned when starting out.

I know people who say, “I would work out if I felt better” or “If I can lose some weight through diet, then I will start exercising” or “I have no time and/or energy to fit exercise into my day”

So I wanted to share my experience today, because even someone who works out regularly sometimes forgets that working out makes you feel better, and fitting exercise into your day actually makes you have more time and energy. Sure I spent over an hour exercising that could have been spent studying and writing. However, investing that time in exercise has given me more mental focus and energy and I know I will actually get much more work done now than had I not exercised.

If you are new to working out you should definitely talk to your doctor before starting an exercise program. However, there is some kind of exercise for everyone whether it is strength training, yoga, swimming, walking or dancing. Find something you enjoy and do what you can, but know doing it will make you feel so much better. People look for miracle cures for a variety of problems. Exercise is simple, cheap and available to all, you just have to do it.


2 thoughts on “Consider for a Moment that Exercise Might be the Miracle You are Looking For

  1. I have always hated working out until recently and I’ve really been surprised to find how much I look forward to the time to just focus on feeling every inch of myself working towards something. I find on days that I drag my feet or get up late, and have to work out later in the day, I’m really grumpy about it. On days that I get it done fist thing (or at least pretty early), I am more focused, driven & productive than I’ve ever been!

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