It’s Not Too Late



2015 is winding down. How did you make out with those New Year’s resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? Are they long forgotten? Are you starting to think towards 2016? Are you thinking that next year is the year you’ll get it all right?

Maybe you are feeling stressed or tired as the holidays fast approach. Perhaps you are getting rundown and falling victim to a cold or flu that is going around.

There are still 21 days in 2015. That is enough time to start on a path of making some small, healthy changes. Forget about waiting till January 1, start now-with little, inexpensive things you can do each day that will help your body, mind, spirit.

As you think about giving gifts to others this season-don’t forget yourself. Be kind to yourself and take a few minutes each day to do a nurturing activity just for you.

Day 1-make yourself your favourite warm beverage, light a candle, curl up somewhere cozy, turn off the TV and the stereo, put your phone down (and in another room) and take a few minutes to just be still in the quiet (I know…..this is hard). In the quiet reflect on all the things you have to be thankful for. Write down at least 5 things and put your list somewhere you will see it every day for the rest of this year.




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