Top Priorities


Last Friday I began discussing how it is not too late to make small changes in 2015 that will set the stage for you to be healthier and happier in 2016. Each day since, I have suggested small, inexpensive ideas that you can try each day. Today’s suggestion is free……but it may be the hardest thing I suggest. It will sound easy, but it does require a lot of thought and self reflection.

Begin today by thinking about what is really and truly important to you. Over the next few days begin writing a list. The list will be your ‘Top 25 Priorities in Life’.

I did this list earlier this year and have found it extremely helpful. It is interesting how we often waste so much time and energy on things that don’t even make our list.

I also found that the list starts out easy. Most of us can name the top 5-10 important things to us, but getting to 25 is difficult and requires you to dig a little deeper.

Remember this list is for your eyes only (unless you want to share it with someone), so be honest. Don’t put things at the top of the list because you think they ‘should’ be there. Someone might look at my list and think I am quite selfish because my top three things have to do completely with me, I put loved ones on my list after that. However, I am at the stage in life where I believe that I have to be healthy before I can give to others (like the oxygen mask in an airplane scenario). Also know that your list can change and evolve, it is not written in stone. My children are grown and pursuing their own lives and goals, but perhaps if they were little ones at home I would have felt the need to put them right at the top.

Finally, while this can be a difficult exercise have fun with it. I hope you will find like I did that this is an excellent tool to help guide you towards your true path in life.


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