They Say Picture is Worth 1000 Words


On Thursdays I work late. When I get home I might have a tea, check social media, and read a little from my latest book. Last night was a little different. On my dinner break I had been online and saw the video of Philando Castile’s death. Throughout the evening he stayed on my mind. I wanted answers. I wanted to know what was being done about yet another senseless tragedy, so when I got home I turned on the news. When I turned on the news they were just beginning to report on the shooting of police officers in Dallas.

I watched the news but after the initial reports there was little new information so I went on social media. It was there that I stumbled across the above picture.

As I have been trying to digest everything that has happened I find my attention keeps being drawn back to this photo. My reflections keep turning to this image of these three smiling men.

It seems to me that lately so often we resort an us vs. them mentality. Black vs white, left vs. right, Trump vs. Clinton, one religion vs. another, immigrants vs. citizen, Black lives  matters vs. Blue lives matters.

Yet this picture tells a different story.

Black and white, black and blue-these things don’t matter so much in this photograph. What I see is three human beings. Look at their smiles, the camaraderie. This picture tells a story of people respecting each other, willing to work together and even having a bit of fun. No doubt, last night will be remembered for terror, evil and tragedy, but perhaps we can also remember this photograph as a little bit of light and hope in a time of darkness.













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