Feeling a Little like Sweeney Todd’s Mrs. Lovett


I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur in some way……I was just never really sure how, then recently a little opportunity fell in my lap.

We have a unique lifestyle. My husband is in a trade union and during the first part of his career work was steady…..then the recession of 08 hit. With our kids grown we decided that we would be like many Canadians of generations before and follow the work west. Now we are settled, sort of…..for now anyway. Until the work dries up here and a boom starts somewhere else.

A few years ago I went back to school and am working on completing my B.A from a Canadian university that offers many online classes . A little after that I started working on my writing and becoming a writer. So basically in one way or another my days are filled with reading and writing, and writing and reading. I work out, take fitness classes, I do volunteer work and have lunch with friends, but sometimes with the solitary life of student and writer I feel like a hermit and crave a little bit of other work as well.

I have always loved farmers’ markets and had been debating on opening my own little booth at the local farmers’ market for several years. Of course, my only experience with farmers’ markets had been shopping at them. Two years ago I discovered a help wanted ad for a booth at the farmers’ market and applied. I got the job and for the past two summers worked there part-time getting to know the ins and outs of having a booth there. I have also had the most amazing and inspiring bosses there. As this year’s season was winding down I confided in my boss about my ambitions to one day having my own booth with either sweet treats such as macaroons, madeleines  and croissants, or comfort foods such as meat pies, lasagna and macaroni and cheese. “Do both!” she enthused.

Around the same time I started requests from guys my husband works with. You see, when living in a boom town there lots of guys out here by themselves-some are bachelors, others have families somewhere back home. Few are out here with wives or girlfriends. They all work long hours. They all seem to like food. So when my husband kept arriving to work with home made lunches other guys started wanting some and I started getting requests for lasagna and meat pies.

I started out with a few orders here and there. Yesterday I finished my first big order-all meat pies and I couldn’t help feeling a little like Mrs. Lovett, although I was only wearing yoga pants and a Marilyn Manson t-shirt, not her outrageous but adorable outfits.


AND I only use beef and pork 😉


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